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Health data: ethical and legal challenges

Connected watches, purchases at the pharmacy and laboratory tests are all possible sources of health data collection. Increased digitization and the diversity of collection points, combined with ever more efficient information storage and processing capabilities,...

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Hydrops training now open!

A unique Hydrops training course combining the latest knowledge in imaging and artificial intelligence. It's an opportunity to learn while you practice. That's right! We offer an interactive workshop...

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Congress SFNR 2023

Following last October's JFR, we're taking part in the 50th annual congress organized by the Société Française de NeuroRadiologie (SFNR). Alexandre Krainik and Arnaud Attyé will be on hand to share their experiences of using clinical decision support modules.

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Fundraising – 10 doctors for €400K

We are raising 400K euros from 10 Business Angels made up of radiologists and biologists who are experts in their field. With this new capital and the trust mark from our new shareholders, we are positioning ourselves to ...

Pièce de Puzzle - Alzheimer
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Roadmap for dementia research

Where do we stand on dementia? The February editorial in Nature Medicine focuses on the rising number of cases of dementia worldwide. Currently the 7th leading cause of death, predictions point to a 3-fold increase in the number of cases by 2050. The global action...

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Replay Webinar – Demencia and AI

On November 9, 2022, our neuroradiologist and CEO, Arnaud Attyé, hosted a webinar for radiologists in partnership with Bayer. In current practice, MRI brain scans are analysed visually, using automatic segmentation software …