Proprietary and custom software solutions for medical based on AI and innovation

The power of AI combined with our expertise brings you GML solutions. Clinical decision support can be achieved using all type of quantitative medical data.

Proprietary Solutions by GeodAIsics

At GeodAIsics, we specialize in providing clinical decision support software across various medical domains. Our solutions are tailored to enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient outcomes. Leveraging everyday data, our goal is to empower healthcare professionals in identifying and managing illnesses efficiently and chronic diseases.

Unified Design Approach

Irrespective of the medical specialty, our software tools maintain a consistent design philosophy. This approach ensures seamless integration and ease of use across different fields of medicine.

Product Offerings


BrainGML is a sophisticated software designed to facilitate MRI analysis for detecting anatomical changes in the brain. It enables the creation of personalized atlases, particularly beneficial in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and FTD.


Our OncoGML software serves as a clinical decision support system, predicting prognosis and treatment outcomes. Tailored strategies based on patient profiles enhance treatment guidance, with a focus on improving outcomes for elderly breast cancer patients.


BioGML streamlines the validation of blood samples by offering personalized standards, enhancing disease detection accuracy. Its capabilities extend to the development of atlases for identifying conditions like kidney and liver diseases, with ongoing expansions to cover additional disorders.

Future Endeavors

GeodAIsics is committed to advancing medical technology, with ongoing development efforts to expand our product offerings and improve patient care across diverse medical domains. Stay tuned for our upcoming product releases that will further revolutionize clinical decision-making.


OtoGML empowers clinicians with tools for personalized range design based on inner ear MRI images. Furthermore, it facilitates the detection of structural abnormalities within the inner ear, aiding in the diagnosis of complex conditions like Ménière’s disease.

With our innovative suite of clinical decision support software, GeodAIsics remains at the forefront of medical technology, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver superior patient care with confidence, explainability and precision.

GeodAIsics expertise : custom-made development

GeodAIsics is able, based on a simple idea or precise specifications, to develop custom software solutions for specific customer applications. The technology as well as the algorithmic basis of Artificial Intelligence used remains identical to those in our own solutions.

A technology adaptable across all sectors

Already proven and patented, our technology is unique and allows you to have your own turnkey business software quickly.

Our Customer

Our customer targets are:






Human or veterinary biology testing

MedTech / device manufacturers or integrators

Blood testing laboratories

Customized applications

Among the applications that we develop we can cite:


Validation of Quality Controls

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of laboratory processes


Tracking moving averages

Observing trends and developments to help for decision-making


Monitoring multiparametric anomalies

Tracking multiple indicators for comprehensive analysis


A diagnostic aid tool

Providing decisive support to healthcare professionals in developing accurate diagnoses